Our social partners

Ludwigstafel e.V.

LudwigsTafel e.V. is one of a number of divisions within the federal territory. It is a recognised, nonprofit and charitable organisation and provides assistance for those in need as a supplier of supplying food and groceries - primarily in Ludwigsburg and Kornwestheim. KEMMLER Electronic GmbH supports this initiative with donations.

The Karlshöhe circle of friends

The Ludwigsburg e. V. Karlshöhe circle of friends is an independent organisation, which has set itself the task of accompanying and supporting disadvantaged individuals in Karlshöhe Ludwigsburg as part of its diaconal service. This means the bid from Karlshöhe will continue to remain in place – or where required – could be extended, and will support the circle of friends and take appropriate measures It provides financial and material resources, and funds individual projects, either in full, or in part. Since 2010, KEMMLER Electronic GmbH has regularly been organising and funding Karlshöhe cinema evenings. These are people who are unable of going to a public cinema because of their disability, and this project provided them with an opportunity to experience a night at the cinema. This project is scheduled to continue in the next few years.

Job club – Vorberufliche Jugendförderung Freiberg e.V.

The job club is an initiative set up by businesses, citizens and the local Freiberg am Neckar council in collaboration with the Oscar-Paret school in Freiberg. With the help of financial support provided by its members, the job club makes it possible for school leavers to be given professional application training and learning resources. Volunteer mentors help to find internships and apprentice schemes and accompany the youngsters on their way. KEMMLER Electronic GmbH supports this job club initiative via its membership and provides young people with the opportunity to get to know career paths as part of professional internship, and allows them to find a professional course of action.

Business network: The family success factor

The area of conflict in terms of balancing a working and family life is of real importance for employees. KEMMLER Electronic GmbH has been aware of this problem – and we have been involved with our “family success factor? business network since 2010. The idea of the program which was launched by the Department for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Young People, follows the requirements promoted by KEMMLER Electronic GmbH, which help to create a friendly family based and social working environment. KEMMLER Electronic GmbH has already introduced the following friendly family based measures as part of its business:

  • Flexible working hours as a result of creating part time and flexible workstations
  • Creation of friendly family based work places which allow people to work from home, and which provide financial support for childcare for nursery and school children during school holidays
  • Attention paid towards family concerns in terms of recruitment and career planning