Proven to be convincing

The major importance which KEMMLER Electronic attributes to quality has also been confirmed by independent certification bodies: We are also certified according to IATF 16949, UL, and ISO 9001 standards. And we are ambitious enough not just to maintain this level of quality, but we are always working on continuous improvements. Our team also uses many systems with real success:

  • A modern ERP system from Infor/XPERT
  • A local PC network run by a Windows server
  • DFU in use for customers and suppliers
  • networked CAQ system at all manufacturing sites
  • Crimping force monitoring on all machinery

A green company

It has also been confirmed several times just how seriously we take sustainability and environment protection, and how much we are thinking about tomorrow today . We have been awarded the ISO 14001 standard certificate for our effective and sustainable environmental management program. In addition to this, KEMMLER has also been awarded the "green company"? system seal by the company Rema.